No Messaging!! How about SMS Support

October 4, 2009

It seems one of the biggest feature requests seems to be messaging through the Playstation Network. This would be fantastic, I would love it also. Unfortunately, it isn’t possible, there is no available messaging implementation on the Sony website and there is no support for it outside of the XMB, if there were, I would implement it.

My alternative idea, (not going to please everyone), but if you happen to know your friends personally and have their mobile phone, this would allow you to associate their number with a gamer tag in your list. Then using the interface you can send some canned SMS messages, ie “Want to play?”, “Go online”, and custom SMS, all with a long press on the gamer tag. Not sure about emails, but we will see.

Email me, let me know what you think
– Alex


2 Responses to “No Messaging!! How about SMS Support”

  1. I think that’s a great idea its better than nothing and I plan to get pro soon as it comes to the market …….just wanna say great job ……..1 idea I have is it would be nice if would could change our comments rite from the app if its possible ….great app

    • kludgery Says:


      But unfortunately the website provides no functionality to do this, and the XMB is a closed system. So until Sony either puts that functionality into the site, or releases an API it can’t be done.

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