Login, Notification, Logo Changes Coming

October 7, 2009

Login Screen

  • I am altering the Login screen to use the entire screen instead of dialog to have more room and to be able to display any errors that might occur.  I will also be looking into fixing the orientation change bug that wipes it out when you alter orientation.

Notification Icons

  • I have received a lot of feedback suggesting that only one icon be displayed on the notification bar  even if there is more than one, I am going to be changing that to only display one notification for a group of people.    This should prevent notification bar clutter.

Friend Layout

  • Going to move the comment either above the username or below the status (playing Battlefield 1943) and make it slightly smaller.  This should also prevent wrapping.


Released in 1.7.0


2 Responses to “Login, Notification, Logo Changes Coming”

  1. kronosx1 Says:

    Hey, when it comes to the notification icon, could you add the option to switch colors. Those that have a rooted phone sometimes use dark themes. Maybe a white and black controller.

  2. kludgery Says:


    Not a problem, I will throw that on my todo list. Going to be working on it this weekend. Thanks for the suggestion, never knew that would be an issue.


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