Use Wi-Fi Only

October 13, 2009


There is an option to keep your wifi on even during sleep.  However this will drain your battery faster.  If you go to Settings -> Wireless Controls -> Wifi Settings -> Click Menu Button -> Advanced -> Wi-Fi sleep policy.

Change that to Never.

But I will be looking into reconnecting to the WiFi if available
I was testing out Wi-Fi only last night, however, it doesn’t do background processing when the phone goes into sleep mode.  The default is to turn Wi-Fi off temporarily when in sleep mode to conserve battery life.  So if you are not seeing updates, that is why.  There is an option to change how Wi-Fi behaves, but I have to look a little further to find out where it is.  I will be looking to see if I can wake up the WiFi when it is in this state so you continue to get updates through Wi-Fi.



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