Future Unknown – Unpublished App

November 4, 2009

Hello everyone,

First and foremost, thank you everyone for providing me helpful feedback, and supporting the app. I unpublished the app from the market since it is not working on the 2g/3g US Tmobile network (seems Sony is blocking access coming from the Tmobile network). Mind you it still works using Wi-Fi. But, I am not sure what the future is of this app is. Hopefully this is a temporary blockage, however I doubt it. The latest release probably contributed to it, since the number of requests could max from 6 to 43, but this is the same method used on the site, however updating 4 times an hour probably threw up some flags. I was worried about it, however, Sony is a large company and I was hoping they would be interested in their user base being more attached to their community.

If this isn’t a temporary blockage and there isn’t a resolution, I might remove the notification system, and make it a manual update process (as obviously they weren’t to happy about it), as I do not want to have this occur on other networks (Sprint/Verizon/ATT). But that would be like “having a bathroom without having aroma therapy candles. Come on!!” But this all depends on whether I want to continue investing the time. Sad, had some really cool ideas, if I don’t continue this, I might pass them on to the Itrophies and MyPsn authors. Unless someone has contact with Sony, chances are this is the case.

And if you were wondering why Itrophies and MyPsn don’t have this issue, it is because they cannot do background updates, which allowed notifications. So I might have to cripple the app, at least by default. If I decide to continue.

At least I was able to get my publisher fee back, and a fraction of the cost of the book I purchased with the ads.

Probably going to post up those stats also for other devs to learn about how well admob is as a revenue model. Which it really isn’t that great.

Best thing to do is complain to Sony

Thanks again,


One Response to “Future Unknown – Unpublished App”

  1. Fran Says:

    Man you did a really good job creating that app!!!!!!! Cheers for that, and it really sucks that you had to pulled it out the market, hopefully the problems can get solve!!!!!!!!!!!!!!, keep up the good work

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