1.9.6 Release

November 5, 2009

I have decided to utilize the EU version of the Playstation site which is not blocked.  The total number of requests required for obtaining online status information does not equal the number of users, but just a single call.  So this shouldn’t put too much load on the site. However, still not sure the future of this app, going to hold off on doing any further development at least for the time being.  Thanks again everyone for bearing with this disruption.   It would be really cool if Sony opened up an API, or released their own version as I think there is definitely demand for it.

  • Using the UK site to retrieve the information, should be faster since it is a single request after logging in.
  • Removed 15 minute update frequency option (if was previously set to anything less than 30 minutes, now updated to 30 minutes).
  • 1 hour now the default update frequency option.
  • Added Flurry to help with debugging, logs exceptions.

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