1.9.6 Release Fix

November 6, 2009

I have pulled it down because this has become to complex for most users.

I believe to fix the problem of the app not updating, login to http://uk.playstation.com/ and make sure you can see your friend list

If anyone wants the old app just email me.


2 Responses to “1.9.6 Release Fix”

  1. haaris Says:

    I love this app but it hasn’t worked for me in a bit. It keeps giving me an error message saying its not connecting to the psn please email me this answer. Thank you


    • kludgery Says:

      Hi Haaris,

      Thanks for the email, Sony blocked the network access from T-Mobile’s network to the US site of the playstation website. You can verify this by going to http://us.playstation.com on the 3g network and after logging in try clicking on the friends list it will end up saying forbidden url. This is still accessible via Wi-Fi. However, I am currently working on a fix for this. I wasn’t sure if I wanted to continue since this happened. But I am updating the app to not do background updates and notifications (a shame) because I do not want to put load on the Sony server if it bothered them before. The new app will be utilizing the UK site and your US account will work with it as well.

      Was considering a petition app to Sony to unblock it.

      For now turn on Wi-Fi and it should work.

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