1.10.1 Release

November 12, 2009

  • Fixed a bug detecting when the user needs to provide approval on the http://uk.playstation.com to merge his accounts – this prevents accessing the website until this is done.
  • Increased the update timer to 10 minutes from 5 when opening the application.
  • Changed some message text.

2 Responses to “1.10.1 Release”

  1. Michael Says:

    Any thoughts on providing a choice to select whether to use the US site or the UK site?

    How do you merge accounts? I could not find anywhere to do this on the UK site?

    Will you be re-adding the “update over WLAN/WiFi only” option? I had been using that (as I am on Tmobile) and that worked fine for me. In fact, I prefer to get background updates only over WLAN at home, since it then lets me know when my Friends are online, so I can join them if I have time.

    What about having background updates only via WLAN and user requested updates via Cellular networks?

    Thank you.

    • kludgery Says:

      Hi Michael,

      Select US/UK sites:
      It would make things more complicated if I provided the users with an option. Also there is a benefit to getting the information from the UK as it is a single request and is more efficient, instead of a request for each friend. The information is slightly different for game info, however for performance the UK site is much better.

      Merging Accounts:
      There is a prompt that displays the first time you login to the UK site, I believe it states about merging a previous account or just proceeding but until this is done, the friend list cannot be retrieved.

      Re-add Update over Wi-Fi option:
      Yes, I probably will do that if everything is working properly with the current state.

      Background Updates:
      I prefer those also, however since we were blocked by Sony the first time, chances are they weren’t too pleased with it and we risk getting blocked once again if I re-enable that even if it is over Wi-Fi or the Cell network. I am trying to be polite and have the act as a good citizen to Sony.

      Thanks for the feedback

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