Profile Screenshot (In Progress)

November 17, 2009

Working on the profile screen, doing the UI and the background code.  Below is a snapshot of a work in progress of the profile screen.  This is also going to contain trophy breakdown info.  If you have constructive feedback, it is appreciated.  I am attempting to keep the US color scheme, gray and black.  Plus I like the simple black color scheme, that’s just me though.


5 Responses to “Profile Screenshot (In Progress)”

  1. Kevin Says:

    I’m not artistic by any means so I can’t give any real constructive feedback but I am enjoying seeing the progress!

  2. Didier Says:

    Very nice, and sleek. I approve. This is the only app that makes android and the internet worth while.

  3. David Says:

    Really like the app and thank you for continuing work on it. I would also like to see my trophy info along with my friends. Is that something that is possible?

    Keep up that great work!

    • kludgery Says:

      Hi David,

      Really glad you like it. As long as I don’t get blocked again, and everyone likes it, then I will continue to work on it. Currently the site is under maintenance, I added some feedback from the app to let you know. And yes to answer your question, trophies are coming. Had to revamp how I was retrieving them since the US site was blocked from the T-Mobile network. Sad thing, I was almost done.

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