1.12.0 Release

December 2, 2009

Finally put Modern Warfare 2 down and started doing some development again.

  • New Profile Screen – containing your current trophy information, now accessible via the Menu->Profile
  • Fixed Game names.  Previously ‘Modern Warfare 2’ was being printed as ‘Modern Warfare, 2’, extra commas have been removed.

Ad-free version coming soon

Note: UK site works with US accounts

Please let me know if you have any issues, so I can fix them.


6 Responses to “1.12.0 Release”

  1. mattchewie Says:

    Just updated the app via market. However on my htc hero when i try to access the new profile funtion all i get is a loading screen as if it cant pull the info from sonys servers.

  2. rikd Says:

    I’m the opposite.
    Also on HTC Hero (Android 1.5). Profile loads ok, but don’t get my friends list –
    Sits on “Loading Data, Please Wait…” for ages – then eventually timesout and requests me to retry.

  3. kludgery Says:

    Make sure you can do the following with your web browser.

    1. Log in to http://uk.playstation.com (US accounts work with this also)
    2. Goto your ‘My Friends’, if you get a prompt to transfer your
    account details after logging in (this was the problem) you need to
    say yes or no. It is very important that you can see your friend list
    otherwise it will not work with the app.

    If it doesn’t, you might have to send me the log, I will give you
    instructions on how to do that

  4. Didier Says:

    I love this app. The last time I felt so strongly about something, I was arrested for defacing a national monument. Thanks for the update. Like the working girls say: “keep them coming.”

  5. shade73 Says:

    Hey, thanks for this it’s great! Would it be possible to have it notify me via task tray when someone is playing ? I would also love to see an update interval(15m, 30m, 1h, 12h etc), but it seems like you said that Sony didn’t appreciate that too much. Too bad really, and I sent them an email asking them to publish an API.

    Great job!

    • kludgery Says:

      This was in the previous implementation (up to 1.9.5) and it did have background notifications. However, Sony blocked the entire Tmobile network, so that they probably didn’t appreciate the amount of traffic that was coming into their network. Thanks for emailing them. I too would like them to create an API so developers can utilize it or for them to come out with an official app. I miss that feature myself.

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