UK PlayStation Website Back Up

April 11, 2011

The UK PlayStation website was down for the entire weekend.  This caused the app to not function properly as it was unable to login and retrieve the information.  It appears to functioning properly.

Thanks for your patience,



2 Responses to “UK PlayStation Website Back Up”

  1. John Says:

    This app hasn’t worked for me in a while … not since Sony changed things back in mid March (or whenever it was) but it is working now so I’m very happy. So much so I might buy the “no ads” pay version hehehe.

    I do have a request though … would it be possible to make it so that you can enter more than one PSN account and then switch between them (without having to type in all your stuff again)? That would be an awesome feature (and maybe one to save just for the paid version to entice people to buy it). Tis a thought!

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