2.2.7 Release

April 17, 2011

  • Fixed intermittent loading error when first opened.

8 Responses to “2.2.7 Release”

  1. Wilfredo Gonzalez Says:

    i want to know why my ps3 friends on my phone isnt work?

    • kludgery Says:

      The app is dependent on the PlayStation website (http://uk.playstation.com) which I have no control over. This is not an official app from Sony. The app grabs the information from the website by acting as a web browser. Currently the site is down for maintenance and this is why it is not operating properly. When the site comes back up, unless they change the site everything should work properly.


  2. jmorri94 Says:

    When will Psn be up again!

  3. chaos Says:


    The app (free version) doesn’t show up in Market. Do you have it anywhere else?


    • kludgery Says:

      I have temporarily removed it from the market to prevent people from installing it and expecting it to work. Currently the app does not work. It is dependent on the http://uk.playstation.com site to work. When that site is 100% back up, I will republish the app.


  4. andy_lowe02 Says:

    Not working on CDMA HTC Hero200. I am still holding onto this app in case things may change. App otherwise works smooth.

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