Working on the profile screen, doing the UI and the background code.  Below is a snapshot of a work in progress of the profile screen.  This is also going to contain trophy breakdown info.  If you have constructive feedback, it is appreciated.  I am attempting to keep the US color scheme, gray and black.  Plus I like the simple black color scheme, that’s just me though.


Upcoming Release

November 11, 2009

FYI I am busy working on an update to the app.  However that stated, it will not have background updating as I do not want to have the application blocked once again or irritate Sony.  I am planning on posting a petition app up after I am able to get this workaround going.  I have had to make some changes to the application and now I need to test it out and pretty it up to ensure that everything is working properly for a day or two.



This screen is not done by any means but for those who have been asking about the progress I thought I would post up a picture.  As you can see the images are all of locked trophies, I am working on getting the unlocked ones to display.  I will also be adding the game information at the top of the screen.

Trophy List

Game List

October 23, 2009

As you can tell there haven’t been really any updates lately for the Lite version, as I have been heavily working on trophy support for the upcoming version.  Thank you to everyone for being patient and sending me feedback, hit some walls but I think I have overcome them (mainly the dialog management with Android).  Here is a screenshot of some of the work that I have been doing for the upcoming version.  The screenshot below is the game list.  As you can see the progress isn’t setup properly as they are all 0% (no, I am not that bad at games).  This is still an early shot, and is probably going to change but just figured I would share.


Game List

Login Screen

  • I am altering the Login screen to use the entire screen instead of dialog to have more room and to be able to display any errors that might occur.  I will also be looking into fixing the orientation change bug that wipes it out when you alter orientation.

Notification Icons

  • I have received a lot of feedback suggesting that only one icon be displayed on the notification bar  even if there is more than one, I am going to be changing that to only display one notification for a group of people.    This should prevent notification bar clutter.

Friend Layout

  • Going to move the comment either above the username or below the status (playing Battlefield 1943) and make it slightly smaller.  This should also prevent wrapping.


Released in 1.7.0

Leave a comment, send me feedback, utilize the polls

  • De-uglify the UI
  • Trophy information
  • Tracking friend game information (ie last played, favorite game, etc…)
  • Ongoing Notification or Widget with total users online