The UK PlayStation website was down for the entire weekend.  This caused the app to not function properly as it was unable to login and retrieve the information.  It appears to functioning properly.

Thanks for your patience,



Problem Logging In

March 10, 2011

It seems that Sony recently changed their website and it has affected the app.  This is preventing the app from logging into the site to retrieve the friend list information.  I am currently looking into this and should have it resolved shortly  Thank you for your patience.


Temporarily Unpublished

March 8, 2010

I have temporarily unpublished the apps to prevent any new users from running into the problem and causing confusion.  There is a bug when initially logging into the site that is preventing the app from working.  I know Sony recently altered the site and this could be causing some issues.  I will try to resolve this after I get home from work tonight.

Thanks for your patience,


1.9.6 Release Fix

November 6, 2009

I have pulled it down because this has become to complex for most users.

I believe to fix the problem of the app not updating, login to and make sure you can see your friend list

If anyone wants the old app just email me.

“Last Online” Bug

October 18, 2009

First, thanks to everyone who has notified me of the ‘last online’ bug.  I have a fix for it and it will be coming out probably this week.

This bug displays just ‘last online’ without any time information.  Turns out that if you look at the Sony website it will have the same information, so this is an issue with the website.  I will be fixing this by changing the way that I am obtaining the information.

Use Wi-Fi Only

October 13, 2009


There is an option to keep your wifi on even during sleep.  However this will drain your battery faster.  If you go to Settings -> Wireless Controls -> Wifi Settings -> Click Menu Button -> Advanced -> Wi-Fi sleep policy.

Change that to Never.

But I will be looking into reconnecting to the WiFi if available
I was testing out Wi-Fi only last night, however, it doesn’t do background processing when the phone goes into sleep mode.  The default is to turn Wi-Fi off temporarily when in sleep mode to conserve battery life.  So if you are not seeing updates, that is why.  There is an option to change how Wi-Fi behaves, but I have to look a little further to find out where it is.  I will be looking to see if I can wake up the WiFi when it is in this state so you continue to get updates through Wi-Fi.