This screen is not done by any means but for those who have been asking about the progress I thought I would post up a picture.  As you can see the images are all of locked trophies, I am working on getting the unlocked ones to display.  I will also be adding the game information at the top of the screen.

Trophy List

Game List

October 23, 2009

As you can tell there haven’t been really any updates lately for the Lite version, as I have been heavily working on trophy support for the upcoming version.  Thank you to everyone for being patient and sending me feedback, hit some walls but I think I have overcome them (mainly the dialog management with Android).  Here is a screenshot of some of the work that I have been doing for the upcoming version.  The screenshot below is the game list.  As you can see the progress isn’t setup properly as they are all 0% (no, I am not that bad at games).  This is still an early shot, and is probably going to change but just figured I would share.


Game List

New Login Screen

October 9, 2009


This login screen has not yet been released, but it is almost finished.  I just need to fix the orientation bug and I will release it.  This update also fixes the scrolling issue, where the entire content wasn’t visible.


October 4, 2009