Q: Why can’t I login?

A: Make sure you are using the username and password account for this site (US Accounts will work)


not the gamer tag.

Q: Why don’t you make a US version?

A: The UK version of the site is close to identical to the US version.  All PSN accounts should work without any issues. The reason for using the UK version is for performance and because the TMobile network seems to have been blocked by Sony (cannot view friend list in the Android browser).  There is one glitch, if you have never logged into the account you will receive a prompt with the option to transfer old account details.  Most likely you don’t have an old account, so you can usually say no to this.  This is required to be either approved/disapproved otherwise the app will not be able to retrieve any info.

Q: Why is the screen blank after logging in for the first time?

A: If you properly logged in, the app has to download your friend list from the website.  You need to make sure you have a good Internet connection.  You can also see if the progress dial is moving in the upper right part of the screen next to the title.  This indicates that it is attempting to load the list.  The best situation is to enable Wi-Fi the first time you use the application, this usually works the best.  You can also trigger an update using the menu -> Update.

Also, make sure that you have people in your friend list, otherwise there is nothing to display.

Q: Why isn’t my list updating or am I getting an error?

A: You might need to login to the http://uk.playstation.com website and transfer your previous account if one exists or decline that transfer.  The app cannot retrieve any information until this process is done.

Make sure you can do the following with your web browser.

  1. Log in to http://uk.playstation.com (US accounts work with this also), this is your PSN email not the gamer tag.
  2. Goto your ‘My Friends’, if you get a prompt to transfer your account details after logging in (this was the problem) you need to
    say yes or no.  It is very important that you can see your friend list
    otherwise it will not work with the app.

Q: Is it possible to send/receive messages to other users through the app?

A: Currently there is no access available to the XMB messaging system.  If Sony would provide it through either their website or some other means, I could possibly hook into it, but they don’t.  The only thing that could be done, is associate a contact in your phonebook, but not sure if it is worth it at this point.

Q: Why is it really slow to retrieve the friend list or login?

A: We are doing a process of what is called web scraping and this can be slow and brittle.  The submission of the username and password is done with encryption via SSL, and that is not that fast, but it is secure.

Q: Force Close, or other issues?

A: I can’t fix what I don’t know about, so please email me.  Unfortunately, I won’t always reproduce the same issues that you are getting on your phone, that is why I need your help to make this better.

Q: Why can’t I logout? And what does the app do?

A: First, you are not truly logged on to the PSN network.  You are only logging into the Sony website http://uk.playstation.com/sign-in/ to retrieve the status information of your friends.  Technically, the application does log you out of the website after checking the status information.  But this is the same as you going to the website logging in, looking at friend info, checking out trophy info and closing the browser.  The app just downloads this information and presents it to you in a format for the Android.  So as you can see there is no reason to logout.

Messaging, can’t do it for the same reasons as above, since we are using the website, and there is no support for messaging outside of the XMB, then it is impossible to implement.  Complain to Sony.  Ask them to implement it on the website.  If they do that, I could set it up.

Q: Why aren’t there background updates and notifications?

A: The original version of the application had background updates, however Sony blocked the Tmobile network from being able to login to the US site.  The app now utilizes the UK site, and background updates have been disabled to prevent being blocked entirely from utilizing the websites.


2 Responses to “FAQ”

  1. kristin Says:

    The psn name that I’m logged in as is not my main name. How do I change to the name I use on a daily basis?

    • kludgery Says:

      Hi Kristin,

      You can modify the email and password that you use by opening up the app. On the Friend list screen, press the menu button and choose settings. Select PSN Account to modify your account information.


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